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What's the difference between reinforced porcelain and bone china?

April 09, 2022

Bone porcelain is made by adding the bone powder of herbivores into ceramic raw materials, and then firing high-temperature and low-temperature glaze and decal paper. Bone China has good regularity because it is covered firing, that is, plain firing first, and glaze firing after body grinding. Reinforced porcelain is a kind of porcelain made by adding aluminum, magnesium and other components into high-quality porcelain and firing at 1340 ℃ to make porcelain, aluminum, magnesium and other components react and recrystallize. What's the difference between reinforced porcelain and bone china?

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1. Different raw materials. General bone porcelain contains at least 25% natural animal bone powder, and the international certification standard is 45%. The higher the content of bone meal, the more complex the process, the easier it is to explode when baking vegetarian food, and the higher the cost. In addition to the above description, reinforced porcelain also has the characteristics of general high-grade fine porcelain, such as correct shape, fine fetal quality, smooth glaze, etc., Also because the reinforced porcelain is not easy to be damaged, the texture is hard and the plasticity is high.

2. Health. The content of lead and cadmium in bone porcelain (high-quality bone porcelain) is basically not, while the content of lead and cadmium in reinforced porcelain is relatively large.

3 .Hardness. Although bone china is harder than ceramics of the same thickness, it is not as hard as reinforced porcelain.

4. Firing process. Bone porcelain is low-temperature porcelain, with a maximum firing temperature of 1220 ℃. It is made by over firing. Reinforced porcelain is fired at high temperature.

5. Process. Because the plasticity of Bone China is very poor due to the clay and other raw materials in Bone China, mold grouting can only be used as mud return. China contains kaolinite, etc., It can be directly returned to make mud. Compared with Bone China, it can be customized. Due to the limitation of manufacturing process, bone porcelain does not support private customization services.

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