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The firing process of porcelain requires high-temperature plain firing

April 08, 2022

Bone porcelain products need to be made by three firing processes, such as high-temperature plain firing, low-temperature glaze firing and decal paper firing. Why is it called high temperature vegetarian burning? High temperature sintering is the high-temperature sintering of unglazed bone porcelain body (high-quality bone porcelain with high bone powder content) at about 1200 ℃ - 1280 ℃ to produce porcelain. After high-temperature plain burning, organic matter and impurities can be burned off, and the plain billet has sufficient strength. The smoothness and rapid firing of Bone China can be increased by grinding and glazing.

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1. China's traditional porcelain making is usually low-temperature plain firing and high-temperature glaze firing, because the decorative porcelain ornaments used in China are made of pigments containing heavy metals, and the necessary condition for the color development of heavy metals is high temperature. As for the first plain firing, it is also to strengthen the strength of the porcelain blank, so that the blank body will not be soaked and cracked due to the glaze flower decoration, which is convenient for the later glaze flower decoration.

2. The rating of Chinese porcelain also involves porcelain blanks. The highest level is to select the green blank without any defects from the green porcelain blank, and then glaze it for decoration. In this way, the perfect is the highest level. Secondly, those porcelain blanks with slight defects that do not affect their quality after glazing and other operations (no defects can be seen) are inferior products. Defective products refer to the green bodies with gross defects (visible to the naked eye, which cannot be completely covered after glazing and decoration in the later stage). They are classified as defective products after being fired in the later stage or by the advanced or defective products in front.

3. The unique manufacturing process of bone is inseparable from the complementarity of various processes. Unique high-temperature plain firing and low-temperature glaze firing, and its decoration link is inseparable from Decal firing. Because the decal pigment is not a heavy metal pigment, the required temperature does not need the high temperature of China's porcelain, so there is such a unique firing process.

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