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Which is better, bamboo steamer or stainless steel steamer?

April 08, 2022

Usually, we steam steamed bread and food at home. There are two kinds of steamers used in our life, one is stainless steel steamer and the other is bamboo steamer. What's the difference between the two in steaming food? The food steamed by the steamer is more fragrant. The steam does not flow back and will have the smell of bamboo, but it has short service life and is not easy to clean. Due to the rainy weather in the south, bamboo products are easy to be damp and moldy and difficult to maintain. Due to poor air permeability, stainless steel steamer is easy to accumulate on the top, but the water vapor cannot be emitted, so it will flow back and drip on the surface of steamed bread, making the surface of steamed bread wet unevenly. The stainless steel steamer is easy to clean, does not deteriorate, is not affected by the weather, has long service life and high cost performance.

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1. When steaming food in a stainless steel steamer, if we use a glass lid, we will feel that there is a lot of water vapor on the inner wall of the lid. If the water vapor accumulates too much and cannot be dispersed, it will return and drip on the surface of steamed bread. If you are not skilled in making pasta, the surface of steamed bread will be wet and uneven.

2. The steamer is made of bamboo. Bamboo itself can absorb water. When steaming, the steam generated in the pot can be absorbed by bamboo, so the steam cannot flow back. The surface of steamed bread is not wet, and the surface of steamed bread is smoother. Moreover, the food steamed in the steamer has the fresh smell of bamboo, which can maintain the original flavor of the food.

3. The steamer is safe, environment-friendly, natural and harmless to human body. The disadvantage is that it is easy to change over time, such as mildew and blackening. Stainless steel steamer is durable and easy to clean. Its bearing capacity is higher than that of bamboo, and its properties are not easy to change. However, the disadvantage is that some parts will rust after long-term use due to metal wear, affecting the appearance. In addition, the price of stainless steel is also more expensive.

4. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages and can be purchased according to their own needs.

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