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What is the first-class bone china cup like?

April 08, 2022

The formation of bone porcelain mainly depends on silica, alumina and calcium oxide. The higher the content of calcium oxide, the better the color. In nature, there are not many sources of calcium oxide, so animal bone meal is selected as the source of calcium oxide. In the firing process of bone porcelain, the physical and chemical indexes such as regularity, whiteness, transparency and thermal stability are highly required, so the scrap rate is very high. Due to the exquisite materials, fine production and strict standards, the value is higher than that of other porcelain varieties. What does the superior's bone china cup look like?

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1.First, color

The color of high-grade bone china cup will be milky white. If placed under the light, the Milky light is very beautiful and is not easy to wear in the process of practical application. Some porcelain will have some bumps and wear on the surface during use, or the white on the surface will appear a little old, but this rarely happens on the first-class bone china cup.

2.Second, we should be more meticulous.

Now the "porcelain quality" of ceramics is also divided into different situations. The delicate material feels different from the rough "porcelain". Of course, some people think that rough ceramics have that sense of sanding, but this so-called sense of sanding is different from "porcelain". The so-called "porcelain" is to look very delicate and beautiful and feel its superiority. 3.In addition, in the process of practical application,

3.Third, good moisture retention.

Bone china cups must have a very moist glaze, so we can take a detailed look at these levels when buying bone china cups. Through this level, we can also judge the condition of bone china cup, judge the effect of Bone China, and then choose the appropriate product type. ‍

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