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How to buy ceramic color changing cup?

April 07, 2022

Color changing cup is mainly color changing ceramic cup. China is a large ceramic country with a history of ceramic production for thousands of years. Good cup tire is the beginning of good quality of color changing cup, and then the technology of color changing cup is in quality. Then is whether the pattern design feels ingenious, surprising and comprehensible. This is not ordinary Kung Fu. How to identify and recognize a good color changing cup depends on the cup tire, process, design and safety. So, how to buy ceramic color changing cup?

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1. Check the cup tire: whether the surface of the ceramic cup is bright, without obvious particles and pits, uneven color, mottled, scratched, cracked and other defects, and whether the cup mouth is round. At present, the quality of Xinyu porcelain is the best. The porcelain is fine and smooth like a mirror, the cup is thin and slightly transparent, and the color changes quickly, followed by high-temperature and high white porcelain, reinforced porcelain and stoneware. Choosing high-quality Xinyu porcelain is more precious.

2. Check the process: whether there are rotten flowers in the pattern part, whether the flower surface is neat and in the correct position, whether there are obvious particles and whether there are creases on the surface; There are two kinds of surface discoloration: matte surface and bright surface. The matte surface is complex and high-grade. It feels like light plastic paper. After adding hot water, look at the discolored residual color. The lighter the residue, the better. The heavier the residual color, the worse the effect. To test the firmness of the bond, tap a corner of the picture pattern with your finger to see if it is firm before pouring water. If a corner is dug out or marked, the manufacturing process of the cup is unreasonable.

3. See the effect: whether the pattern is clear and whether the expected surprise effect is achieved before and after color change.

4. Look at security: whether there is brand and company information. Whether the materials used are environmentally friendly and can pass the food inspection.

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