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What are the characteristics of printed ceramic decals?

April 07, 2022

Ceramic decal paper refers to the application of ceramic decal paper on the surface of ceramics (or porcelain blank), which can be divided into underglaze, in glaze, overglaze, primary firing and secondary firing. Underglaze color and underglaze color will never change color, and overglaze color can remain unchanged for more than ten years. Some handicraft ceramics (such as home decoration, etc.) Use non baked ink decals. So, what are the characteristics of printed ceramic decals?

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1. Ceramic decal paper is mainly used for pattern and color decoration of ceramic utensils, which can replace the hand-painted and spray color processes used in the past.

2. The graphic resolution of screen printed ceramic decal paper can reach 40 ~ 50 lines / cm.

3. After the silk screen printing ink pattern on the ceramic decal paper is pasted on the ceramic ware, it needs to be fired at 700 ~ 800 ℃ or 1100 ~ 1350 ℃ to be firmly attached. The color depends on the type of developer in the ceramic.

4. Ceramic decal paper is the carrier of ceramic decorative pattern, which is divided into ceramic overglaze decal paper and ceramic underglaze decal paper. Paper varies slightly according to its composition.

5. Due to the strong hiding power and poor transparency of ceramic ink, it is not possible to print with the principle of three primary colors at present. Dot printing adopts non overprint side-by-side special color ink dot printing.

6. The ink used for overglaze colored paper is high-temperature solvent ink, and the ink used for underglaze colored paper is high-temperature water-based ink.

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