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What is the function of ceramic plain burning? What are the details?

April 07, 2022

Plain firing refers to the process of heat treatment of unglazed green body at a certain temperature to make the green body have a certain mechanical strength. The green body after plain firing is fired after glazing, which is called glaze firing. The green body that is not directly fired in the kiln is called one-time firing. Glazing on genuine biscuits will not crack due to immersion, which can improve the rate of genuine biscuits and reduce the rate of scrap and defective products. So, what is its function?

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1. After the green body is sintered at about 900 ℃, most of the volatile organic matter and water below 900 ℃ volatilize, and some salts have been decomposed. When the glaze is fired, it rarely volatilizes to produce orange glaze, pinhole, bubble, melting hole and other defects through the glaze, which affect the color surface of porcelain. This is an important measure to improve the quality of glaze.

2. The green body after plain firing has high strength and low glaze damage, and can be made into thin-walled products. At the same time, it has strong water absorption, fast glaze application speed, uniform glaze absorption, smooth and flat glaze surface, and can be fired at one time.

3. Many quality defects of semi-finished products can be found after green body sintering. The yield of glaze sintering can be improved by processing or reworking in advance.

4. Green body plain firing can not only improve the glaze application and loading speed, but also greatly improve the degree of mechanization and save the manpower of green body operation.

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