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What's the way to buy a fruit plate?

April 07, 2022

The fruit tray is usually used to place clean fruits at home, which can be stored, clean and tidy, and can also play a certain decorative role. There are many kinds of fruit plates, and the safety of materials should be ensured when purchasing. So, what are the tips for buying a fruit plate? Avoid being cheated when we buy a fruit dish.

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1. Selection of materials

First, materials should be safe. General plastics can be PS, PP, ABS, etc., The iron depends on whether the paint surface is flat, safe and environmentally friendly. If it is stainless steel, it is best to choose 304 or 403 stainless steel, which can be judged by checking the steel grade. The glass is transparent and free of impurities. The operation is better.

2. Look at the workmanship

The high-quality fruit tray should be fine in workmanship, the plastic and glass surfaces should be uniform and fine, the overall modeling lines should be smooth, the surface should be free of bubbles, cracks and raised small particles, and the edge should be smooth and free of burrs. Stainless steel and iron should show a sense of luster as a whole, not too dim, and the surface should be smooth and fine without burrs. The seam should be natural without large weld marks, and the visual effect will be very poor.

3. Smell it

For the plastic fruit tray, we can take it out and smell it on our nose. If there is a pungent smell, it is best not to choose. Probably because of poor materials or the addition of some harmful chemicals.

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