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How to distinguish the quality of ceramic cup?

April 06, 2022

The ceramic cup is smooth and easy to clean. The new cup just bought needs simple treatment before it can be used. Of course, this is on the premise of ensuring that the ceramic cup purchased is authentic. Generally, regular online or offline stores can ensure quality. On weekdays, the tableware and wine utensils we use are basically ceramic products. Because it is hygienic, easy to clean, disinfect and tasteless, it has become a product that people need to use in their families. But how to choose ceramic cups? How to distinguish ceramic cups?

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1. Choose ceramic cups with novel appearance, unique style, elegant color, exquisite glaze color and smooth hand feel, and pay attention to artistry and decoration on the basis of practicality.

2. Before purchase, it is necessary to check whether there is deformation and distortion, and whether there are glaze leakage, glaze sticking, porcelain falling and other scars. Put the selected porcelain on the flat counter and carefully check whether it is smooth and warped. For articles with mouth and cover, be sure to try whether the cover is appropriate. Tea sets, wine sets and containers should also be filled with water to see if there is water leakage. When pouring water from the spout of teapot and wine pot, it should be very smooth, otherwise it will fail. Products of the same specification and model should have the same size and thickness.

3. Put the ceramic cup on the counter or raise it with your hands and play it a few times. The sound is clear and loud, indicating good quality and great power. If the sound is abnormal, there are cracks and internal injuries. Don't buy it.

4. Ceramic utensils with handle opening, such as teapots, wine pots and other items, are secondary molding, that is, the handle opening is attached to the pot body. Therefore, we should carefully observe whether there are gaps, lack of glaze and a sense of separation in these parts. These parts should transition smoothly and naturally without sticking marks.

5. The patterns on porcelain or carvings shall be complete, uniform, clear and firm. The gold and silver lines outlined shall be of uniform thickness, bright and beautiful, and cannot be wiped off with a handkerchief. Monochrome products have uniform colors and consistent colors.

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