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Production process of daily ceramic gift Decal

April 06, 2022

In our life, we often see ceramic bowls and plates with exquisite patterns, which are very beautiful and exquisite. The flower surface on ceramics is not only resistant to high temperature, but also will not fall off and change color. But do you know how those flower noodles are made? In fact, ceramics is an ancient traditional handicraft in China, which reflects China's history and culture for thousands of years. The ceramic technology has been continuously improved. At present, the flower surface of daily-use ceramics basically adopts the decal technology.

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1. Make a white tire shape

According to the requirements of customers, it is a complex process to start printing paper or design appropriate white tire samples of ceramic tableware according to local customs and trends. Designing a white tire also requires a lot of money and manpower, such as mold opening, trial firing and so on.

2 design decals

According to the shape of ceramic tableware, designers began to design flower noodles. Generally, flower surface design is based on a series of themes. The designer designs the flower surface according to the plan of the white tire shape of ceramic tableware.

3. Ceramic tableware Decal process

The designed decal paper is printed and produced by the decal paper factory, and the decal paper is cut manually. The circular pattern of the decal needs to be laboriously cut with a shovel and hammer, and then the decal is pasted on the white tire of the ceramic tableware. Before the decal, the white tire should be soaked in warm water, and then pasted with the decal to wipe.

4. Baked ceramic tableware.

Because bone china products cannot be stacked, they should be placed separately. Semi-finished products with decals should be placed in the kiln holder one by one. Place the blank on the car and put it into the kiln (each type has a specific shaped tray). Products with different baking temperatures shall be put into the kiln separately. The baking temperature is adjusted by the computer according to the temperature of the paper (the glaze temperature is about 700-900). Some pigments added with Phnom Penh products need to be fired for many times. Great attention should be paid to the control of heating and cooling speed to avoid bursting. Put the ceramic tableware with flower surface into the tunnel kiln to bake. This process is slow and takes about 3-4 hours to complete.

5. Quality inspection of baked flower products

During the packaging process, check again for defects. If the quality inspection is qualified, a beautiful ceramic tableware will be made.

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