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Several common shapes of incense burner

April 06, 2022

Aromatherapy stove, also known as essential oil stove, essence furnace, incense burner, incense burner and so on. Is one of the ways to add fragrance to the room. It is suitable for relaxing people's mood in offices, bedrooms and other places. All the places you like, such as living room, bedroom, study, office, etc., Use your favorite fragrance, create your favorite atmosphere, and enjoy the perfect fragrance experience at any time. No matter in the afternoon or at night, as long as you light the censer, the fragrance will overflow and the candle light will flicker, which will immediately relieve the tense body or mood and make people relax. So, what is the shape of the incense burner?

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1. Teapot shape

Design the container into the shape of a teapot, open some small holes on the pot body or lid, and the pot mouth is connected with the external environment to make the fragrance in the container radiate; The shape of the stove matches with the teapot container above it, which is used to place candles for heating. Several small holes shall be opened in the upper part of the furnace to facilitate the air circulation in the furnace and ensure the full combustion of candles. When used, it is like heating tea with flame to add interest and romance.

2. Basket shape

This kind of incense burner is usually made of glass, and the hanger is integrated with the hearth base. The container containing essence is hung with chains (chains made of refined metal chains or other refractory materials).

3. Animal modeling

All kinds of cute animals, such as rabbits, ducks, etc., The back or other appropriate positions are cleverly arranged into open or closed containers for the use of flavors and water. Under the container, there is a fireplace where candles are placed to ensure that they burn fully. It smells like an animal when you use it.

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