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What methods can reduce the dissolution of lead and cadmium in daily bone enamel overglaze decorative paper?

April 05, 2022

In the daily production of decals, it is generally believed that the mixture or combination of low lead pigments and lead-free materials will inevitably reduce the amount of lead sea leaching, which is a wrong view. Through several years of experiments and practices in yizhuan ceramics factory, it has been proved that the dissolution of platinum and cadmium will be significantly higher when low lead frequency materials are mixed or combined with lead-free materials, because their mixing destroys the stable color structure of materials, and lead and cadmium are easy to dissolve. Similarly, if lead sleeves are decorated with lead-free material, the amount of lead liquor will exceed the limit.

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1. The correct use of appropriate materials. For some bone products with lax requirements, the use of low lead pigments can fully meet the requirements. For cost considerations, it is not necessary to use lead-free pigments. Therefore, according to the daily aggregate lead pot dissolution standard, combined with the quality of porcelain itself, the correct choice of pigment is very important to apple wife.

2. The quality of the selected pigment is guaranteed. China has hundreds of paint factories, large and small, with varying quality. Small factories have price advantage, big factories have quality and service advantage. Therefore, according to the specific requirements of the product, choose the material of the river fire manufacturer. For positive items of the dissolution of strict requirements of the product, it is recommended to use well-known pigment manufacturers. First, their pigment lead cylinder has low dissolution rate, good quality and stable hair color. Second, strong technical force, complete testing equipment, product batch justice, can ensure product quality; Third, because the product series is many, the color set is rich, can guarantee the product quality. Fourth, if the pigment appears to be of quality, it can also be advocated to reduce the loss of the paper mill itself.

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