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What is the design of bone china for daily use?

April 04, 2022

Bone porcelain for daily use is a practical industrial product in people's daily life by using bone porcelain raw materials and modern production technology. It is an imported product found in China after the western industrial revolution. It is a design activity based on industrial production, according to the standards of industrial production and with functionality as the main purpose. It is different from ceramic art, which emphasizes individuality and expresses self-consciousness.

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(1) Functionality is its foundation.

The function of bone porcelain design is the main purpose of the design, which plays a decisive role in the basic structure of bone porcelain dishes. The design of Bone China for daily use and the modeling of modern industrial products have a common taste, that is, function first. The design of bone porcelain for daily use has the dual attributes of material and spirit. Its shape is the unity of function and beauty, science and technology and art form.

(2) Factors limiting the shape of materials and processes

1. Materials and technological conditions are needed to realize functions, but with the development of modern science and technology, the selection of bone porcelain materials is more reasonable.

2. Requirements of mold manufacturer

The large-scale production of Bone China for daily use is mainly made by grouting with stone mold. If the shape of Bone China is too complex, there will be many modules. Making molds and forming will be labor-consuming and time-consuming, affecting the production efficiency. Too many forming lines will also affect the modeling accuracy.

3. Reduce embryo deformation.

The bone deformation in the firing process has a great influence on the shape of the utensils. In the design, the deformation caused by unreasonable structure shall be reduced or prevented.

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