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Why do glass cups burst when filled with cold water?

April 03, 2022

Glass is a common product in our life. The reason why it will burst is that the basic principle of glass containing hot water burst is thermal expansion and cold contraction, because the glass itself is cold. As soon as hot water is poured into the glass, the inner wall of the glass will expand rapidly when heated. However, it is incredible that when we put cold water into the product, it suddenly burst. What caused the explosion?

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1. The cup is filled with cold water and cracks, indicating that the cup is broken. A real glass needs pressure treatment, that is, it should not break even if the boiling water is poured out immediately after filling. What's more, glasses are better. This shouldn't happen. Before the ordinary resistance of glass appeared, this situation was broken due to temperature stress. If the glass is completely broken into many obtuse angle small slag, it indicates that the product temperature is uneven during tempering, resulting in uneven internal stress of the glass.

2. The main reason why the glass filled with cold water will burst is the quality problem. Undeniably, it will also be affected by some external forces, which also reminds us not to be greedy for cheap, but to choose high-quality products.

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