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Design principles and procedures of daily Bone China Modeling

April 03, 2022

Bone china modeling design is to find the best shape for products and provide basis for production. The main task of container design is to make a comprehensive and thoughtful planning and assumption of the product according to the requirements of the market, make it condensed into a specific form and put it into production, and complete the material transformation process of product design. So, what are the design principles and procedures?

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1. Simple structure

Since ancient times, bone china utensils have not existed independently, but are closely related to people's life and exist for people's use and convenience. In order to meet the needs of industrial production, all complex and pretentious designs violate the principles of modern product design.

2. Function first

However, as an industrial designer, one thing must be clear: even if the function of the product is more and more perfect, it must not be destroyed by the pursuit of popular forms.

3. The economic principle of daily bone china modeling design can achieve the greatest perfection with the lowest expenditure.

Implement the principle of local materials and reduce the cost of raw materials; In terms of modeling structure, to facilitate production, it is best to give priority to standard parts, save labor, save kiln space, reduce the difficulty of implementation and reduce the cost; In terms of product transportation, it saves packaging space and is conducive to safe transportation.

4. Bone porcelain for daily use is mainly people's daily necessities.

With the development of modern information technology, it is changing our way of life. Personalization is a feature of the information age. Today's consumers are more in pursuit of aesthetic personalization and personal emotional experience.

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