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Is gold porcelain real gold? How can we identify it?

April 02, 2022

When a friend goes to buy Porcelain, he often hears the seller say that this kind of porcelain is painted with gold and painted with pure gold. The materials are particularly expensive, so the price is not general. Tracing gold is a decorative technique of ceramics, which means that the main gold or bright gold makes decorative patterns on the surface of porcelain, and then enters the kiln twice and bakes at low temperature to make the porcelain more precious and exquisite. Is the gold the seller is talking about real gold? How to identify?

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1. Why is gold-plated porcelain more expensive? On the one hand, the gold tracing materials are expensive, on the other hand, the process requirements are high. At first, the pigment used for gold painting was gold powder, that is, gold was made into powder and added with an appropriate amount of colloid, which was expensive; Later, the appearance of gold water replaced the position of gold powder. Compared with gold powder, gold can be directly drawn on porcelain by hand, which reduces the cost of porcelain making and expands the development scope of gold tracing technology.

2. How to identify gold lacquer porcelain?

① The color that the naked eye can distinguish is pure and full real gold, while the color of chemical gold is more yellow and very bright.

② Under the magnifying glass, it can be seen that the pure gold has a strong and uneven sense of particles, a three-dimensional sense, and the chemical gold particles are small and uniform. Under the irradiation of 45 degree light, pure gold has very strong reflectivity, while chemical gold has a strong fog feeling.

③ Spot check the porcelain with 30% nitric acid. If it is chemical gold, it will fade quickly, but pure gold will not change.

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