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Is the glass kettle cold water kettle resistant to high temperature?

April 02, 2022

It's usually used to hold cold water, not hot water. If you want to hold hot water, you need a cold kettle made of heat-resistant glass. Ordinary glass cold water kettles are generally soda lime glass with poor high temperature resistance. High borosilicate glass is heat-resistant glass with low coefficient of thermal expansion, high physical strength and high temperature resistance. Glass water cooler is a commonly used water container in the family, which is both beautiful and practical. However, it should be noted that they can not be used to directly hold hot water, because the glass of the cold kettle has poor high temperature resistance. So, is the cold kettle heat-resistant?

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1. Ordinary glass cold water kettle is made of soda lime glass and is composed of silica, calcium oxide and sodium oxide. The cold water kettle made of this material is not high temperature. If it is filled with hot water, it may burst.

2. There are no high-temperature resistant glass cold water bottles. Cold water bottles made of high borosilicate glass are more heat-resistant and high-temperature resistant, because compared with ordinary calcium sodium glass, the coefficient of thermal expansion of high borosilicate glass is very low, only about one-third of that of ordinary glass. At the same time, high borosilicate glass has high physical strength, can resist instantaneous temperature difference, and does not burst during sudden cooling and sudden heat. This kind of glass cold water bottle can hold hot water.

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