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What's good about the use of coffee cup and dish gifts?

April 02, 2022

Coffee culture is a cultural symbol in the behavior of tasting coffee. The beauty of porcelain allows coffee drinkers to enjoy the beauty of coffee tasting artistic conception. Porcelain itself is an art. The art of fire and mud gives visitors more useful browsing space and artistic conception in the artistic conception of coffee tasting. Therefore, the joint venture between bone china coffee set and coffee is a perfect match.

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1. Bone china coffee with coffee cup and saucer. Customized bone china coffee set, beautiful and transparent. Compared with ordinary ceramics, the unique firing process and bone carbon content make bone ceramics appear whiter, more delicate, more transparent and lighter. Bone china is also a symbol of the owner's identity and status. The production process of bone china coffee set goes through grouting, molding embryo, gypsum mold dehydration, initial firing, glaze firing, decal baking and other processes. After firing at high temperature, it becomes a kind of porcelain with high whiteness, high transparency and fine porcelain.

2. Purpose of making coffee with ceramic coffee cup: because the ceramic tea set has slow heat conduction, moderate cold resistance and no chemical reaction with coffee, the brewed coffee can obtain better color, aroma and taste. Moreover, this ceramic coffee cup is pleasing to the eye, has texture and is decorated naturally.

3. The high-temperature ceramic coffee cup with more than 1300 degrees is completely harmless to human body and meets people's demand for health and taste synchronization.

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