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What is unique about ceramic cups?

April 01, 2022

Ceramic cup is environmentally friendly, durable and practical. It is the crystallization of soil, water and fire. Natural raw materials, combined with the power of nature and integrated into human science and technology, have created indispensable daily necessities in our life. The invention of pottery is an important process of human civilization - it is the first time that human beings use natural materials to create a new thing according to their own will.、

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1. Color: high temperature porcelain is full, delicate and crystal clear, while medium and low temperature porcelain is relatively dim.

2. Temperature: the firing temperature of high-temperature porcelain is more than 1200 degrees, that of medium temperature porcelain is 1000-1150 degrees, and that of low-temperature porcelain is 700-900 degrees.

3. Feel: high temperature porcelain is smooth and delicate, and medium and low temperature porcelain is slightly rough.

4. Sound: the high-temperature porcelain is crisp and the low-temperature porcelain is stuffy.

5. Texture: high temperature porcelain is hard, and medium and low temperature porcelain is brittle.

6. The most obvious difference between high-temperature porcelain and medium and low-temperature porcelain is the low moisture content. The water absorption of medium and low temperature porcelain is high, and that of high temperature porcelain is less than 0.2%. The product is easy to clean and will not absorb peculiar smell, glaze cracking and local water leakage. 

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