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What are the form design elements of ceramic tableware?

April 01, 2022

Ceramic tableware has been closely related to people's daily life since ancient times. In the design of modern ceramic tableware, the product should not only meet the use function, but also meet the market value. The rational application of Chinese traditional culture in the design of ceramic tableware will not only expand the market development prospect of ceramic tableware, but also meet people's spiritual aesthetic needs to a certain extent. So, what are the elements of their form design?


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1. Safety factors

Safety factors refer to avoiding and reducing the hazards that the product may bring to personal safety, health, environment and the product itself. All products should be designed in accordance with the requirements of safety design. Considering safety factors in the design is actually integrating the user's factors into the product design. The considerations in the design process directly affect the user's cognition of the product. Only when the basic security needs are met, the spiritual needs of the upper level of users will be generated, which is also one of the driving forces to promote the development of products.

2. Aesthetic elements

As a person who plays a leading role in aesthetic activities, he has formed unique aesthetic characteristics in long-term social practice. As a material product with national characteristics, ceramic utensils directly reflect the aesthetic characteristics of Chinese traditional culture. On the basis of satisfying its basic practical functions, industry should also consider its aesthetic characteristics and cultural value.

3. Use functional elements

Ceramic products are produced to meet human material needs. Their shape comes from the accumulation of human material needs and the understanding of form in life practice. It represents human understanding of the objective world and is the crystallization of human wisdom. In the early stage of development, their appearance only meets practical functions.

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