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Enlightenment of ceramic cup customization

March 31, 2022

Ceramics are porcelain products often used in people's daily life. Since ancient times, ceramics has been playing an important role in our life. The planning of ceramic cup manufacturers shows different cultural connotation and pursuit in each development stage. From meeting daily needs at the beginning to pursuing product personality and emotion later.

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1. Ceramics is generally the name of porcelain products with practical functions in daily life. Such as tableware, tea set, coffee set, vase, etc. Ceramic planning is a practical art. Ceramic planning takes the needs of customers as the starting point. The progress of the times will certainly drive the aesthetic needs of customers. Customers have two requirements for ceramic planning: one is spiritual and the other is material. Planners only need to understand the aesthetic needs of customers in order to plan products that meet the aesthetic wishes of customers.

2. It is often self defeating to use the clever way of language and vocabulary to give a suitable title to the product. A good plan needs a good name, and a wonderful title can bring endless fantasies to customers. Induce people to fantasize and experience, and let customers understand, accept and buy.

3. Any feature or meaning of a product needs to be reflected through the product itself. To make ceramic planning recognized by customers, we must first start with the product elements and analyze its various method elements. After planning, method elements - changes in shape, color, decoration, materials, etc. Make ceramics more in line with customers' aesthetic ideas.

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