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Bone china tableware is environmentally friendly, beautiful and healthy

March 30, 2022

Bone china is a kind of low-temperature porcelain. After the green body is formed and dried, it is sintered at 1100 degrees and then glazed at 1000 degrees. The finished bone porcelain must be fired twice or more: plain firing, glaze firing, flower roasting, and sometimes gold roasting. Bone china utensils are thin, white and moist, but they are stronger than ceramics and are not easy to crack. Bone China requires extremely high temperature control in the process of green body forming and firing, and the scrap rate is relatively high, so the price of Bone China is higher than that of ceramic tableware.

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1. Bone china tableware is environmentally friendly, because the clay used for ceramics is a special mineral soil. For example, kaolin can no longer be used to produce daily ceramics, but to produce craft ceramics. Replacing clay with animal ashes not only turns waste into treasure, but also saves nearly half of the precious clay resources.

2. Bone china tableware is beautiful, because bone china glaze is a kind of low-temperature glaze, and the glaze layer sprayed by spray gun is very thin; After coloring (usually with film paper), the pigment can enter the glaze layer (called baked flower) at about 800 degrees to make the finished product clean and shiny, with underglaze color, and the picture is not easy to wear and fall off.

3. Bone china tableware is healthy because its color is not easy to fall off and its pigment does not contain transition metals. We all know that traditional ceramic tableware cannot be used if the glaze is defective, for fear that the pigment inside may contain lead, cadmium or other transition metals.

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