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How does the coffee cup affect the taste of coffee?

March 30, 2022

What determines the taste of a cup of coffee? Variety, place of origin, processing method, baking degree, water quality, water temperature, production method, etc. There may be many answers, but you know what? Coffee cups also affect the taste of coffee. How does coffee affect the taste of coffee?

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1. Influence of "color"

Early experiments were done. They used transparent, white and blue coffee cups and put the same coffee into the subject's taste. Research shows that a white coffee cup can make people feel the color of coffee liquid deeper than a transparent coffee cup, and then feel that this cup of coffee has high concentration and bitter taste; The coffee in the blue cup will feel that the color of the coffee solution is relatively lighter by comparing the color of blue and coffee solution, and then they will feel that the coffee concentration of this cup of coffee is low and there will be no bitterness.

2. Influence of "shape"

Studies have shown that different shapes of coffee cups can affect the taste. They taste coffee in eight cups of different sizes, then judge its aroma, bitterness, taste, concentration, temperature and so on, and price the coffee. The results showed that a higher Mug made the coffee taste sweet: the coffee in a thin cup was more bitter than the coffee in a thick cup. The shape of the cup will also affect people's praise. Hot drinks are stacked with taller and fatter cups, which may make it easier for the bitterness to spread out.

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