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What does the art of ceramic cup paper cutting and decal porcelain look like?

March 29, 2022

In the ceramic cup market, you can see cups of different shapes and styles and paper-cut decals of the Republic of China with different patterns, but there are also many counterfeiters. When collecting this kind of Decal porcelain cup, pay attention to the appearance. Porcelain collection pays attention to integrity. Although there are very old defects or porcelain pieces, the paper-cut Decal porcelain is still intact, or it has some influence but does not affect the decoration. The price of this kind of good-looking Decal porcelain will continue to rise. Second, we should pay attention to decorative art. This kind of porcelain is characterized by vivid image and correct color.

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1.Porcelain making personnel can pay more attention to the auspicious atmosphere of porcelain making, which can be full of auspicious decoration. Because this kind of porcelain is losing money both in collection value and market performance. Now, with the change of people's view on this unique ceramic decoration, collectors began to pay special attention to this decorative porcelain, and the market price of ceramic cups also rose sharply.

2. Transplant the paper-cut pattern to porcelain to form a ceramic decoration technique, so it is called paper-cut Decal porcelain. During the period of the Republic of China, paper-cut and decal porcelain became a popular decorative technique. Craftsmen make full use of the characteristics of paper cutting to cut various patterns for decoration according to the needs of modeling. Ceramic pigments are printed on special paper or film by various printing means, and then paper cuts are pasted on ceramic products to achieve the purpose of decoration after firing.

3. Among various patterns of ceramic cups and decals, some adopt Decal technology, and some adopt the method of color painting decals.

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