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What are the hazards of imitation ceramic tableware and what is the depth of the harm?

March 29, 2022

Tableware is what we need in our daily life and diet. There are many kinds of tableware on the market, which are often dazzling. In particular, some cartoon shaped and brightly colored Imitation Ceramic tableware have become the exclusive tableware for many parents to cater to their children's preferences because of their durability, non fragile color, good gloss and low price. The baby will be much more interested in watching interesting tableware. However, there are often reports about the harm of imitation ceramic tableware, such as high temperature "poisoning". So, what is the harm of imitation ceramic tableware?

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1. Real ceramic tableware is an industrial product made of inorganic non-metallic minerals such as clay. Porcelain like tableware is a tableware made of high molecular plastic, which is called melamine formaldehyde resin and melamine resin, so it is also called melamine tableware. It is non-toxic and can be used for food packaging.

2. Imitation Ceramic tableware is also pirated, that is, fake Imitation Ceramic tableware. This kind of tableware is made of formaldehyde resin, which is forbidden in the country. The temperature resistance of this material is only about 80 ℃. A little heating will release excessive formaldehyde, which is not friendly to human health. The temperature tolerance range of regular imitation porcelain tableware is between - 30 ℃ and 120 ℃, which can be used safely at room temperature.

3. Even if you choose regular imitation porcelain, don't put it into the microwave oven for heating. Microwave oven appliances are generally required to be non-toxic and high-temperature resistant under microwave. In this way, the heat transmitted by overheated food materials will not cause the chemical reaction of bowl materials and endanger health. The imitation ceramic tableware obviously can not withstand the high temperature of the microwave oven, so the high temperature "poisoning" is not alarmist, but real.

4. Although Imitation Ceramic tableware is solid, light and cheap, its safety guarantee is not the safety of real ceramic tableware.

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