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What are the performance tests for ceramic cups?

March 27, 2022

The so-called "ceramic", is made of clay or other inorganic non-metallic materials of the plate or block ceramic products, after forming, sintering for decoration and protection of the building walls and the ground. After drying, it is heated to the point where it hardens and no longer dissolves in water.

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1. Pressure test: Use a needle and increase the weight of the needle to see how much pressure it will penetrate:

2 drop test: the cup with packaging (with filler) will not be damaged when dropped;

3 vibration test: pack the cup well (with filler), vibration on all sides, check whether the product can cope with bad railway, road, air transport;

Test data: scenario method, equivalence class division method, causal diagram method, error inference method, boundary value method and other methods.

5. Portability: Can the cup be used normally in different places, temperatures and other environments?

6. Compatibility: Whether the cup can hold juice, water, alcohol, gasoline, etc. Ease of use: whether the cup is hot, whether there are anti-slip measures, whether it is easy to drink:

7. User documentation: Does the user manual describe the usage, limitations and conditions of the cup in detail

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