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What's the difference between bone china cup and white china cup?

March 26, 2022

Many unscrupulous businesses, taking advantage of the characteristics that consumers do not know how to distinguish bone porcelain from white porcelain and new bone porcelain, use white porcelain and new bone porcelain as bone porcelain in large quantities, and use low-grade bone porcelain as high-grade bone porcelain to earn illegal profits. The bowl in a set of tableware is made of high-grade bone china, but other plates and spoons are not necessarily made of Bone China or low-grade Bone China, which is a very common phenomenon. How do we identify bone china and white China?

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1. Estimation: when comparing the white porcelain cup and bone porcelain cup, the weight of the same porcelain shape is generally slightly heavier for the white porcelain cup and lighter for the bone porcelain cup.

2. Shape observation: shape discrimination. Due to the reasons of technology and raw materials, compared with white porcelain cup, bone porcelain cup has thinner fetal quality, smoother shape and better light transmittance.

3. Color discrimination: high-grade bone china is fine and dense, with smooth surface and bright glaze. The color is natural milky white. The higher the content of bone meal, the closer it is to milky white. On the contrary, if the content of bone powder is low, the yellow of bone china cup itself is very fine.

4. Listen: in terms of timbre, the white porcelain cup is heavier and thicker. The two bowls collide and make a "Ding" sound, and there is basically no response. However, the bowls of two high-grade bone china cups collide on evenly spread hands. Bone china cups are high-temperature fired porcelain with high hardness.

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