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Characteristics of Bone China advertising cup

March 26, 2022

Bone China advertising cup is a cup made of high-grade porcelain. This bone china is recognized as the highest grade porcelain in the world. Bone China was originally called bone china. People thought the gray character was indecent, so they renamed it Bone China. It is a kind of porcelain made of animal bone charcoal, clay, feldspar and seasoning as basic raw materials and fired twice by high-temperature plain firing and low-temperature glaze firing. Because of its high whiteness and soft color, Bone China is a high-grade porcelain, which is deeply loved by people.

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1. In bone china with good transparency, the refractive index of phosphate glass is very close to that of the corresponding time, so it has less light loss, better light transmittance and better translucency.

2. Regular bone porcelain adopts the secondary firing process of high-temperature plain firing and low-temperature glaze firing, and is forced to be fired with a profiling sagger. Therefore, the shape of the product is regular, which is unmatched by ordinary ceramics.

3. Glazed smooth Bone China due to the extensive use of frit glaze, which is a pretreated glass body. It reduces the possibility of reaction and more bubbles than ordinary raw glaze. Therefore, the glaze of Bone China is smoother than that of ordinary ceramics, and the gloss is generally more than 100%.

4. White soft bone porcelain takes calcium phosphate as the main raw material, and the content of iron and titanium in the reduction formula is very low. The calcined calcium phosphate is soft white. Unlike talc porcelain, it is a milky white that makes people feel more comfortable.

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