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Development of Chinese ceramic culture

March 25, 2022

As one of the Chinese national cultures, ceramic culture is bred, grown and developed in the national matrix. It condenses the creator's emotion, carries the fragrance of the earth, and retains the creator's pure heart. It shows the national culture, tells a beautiful story, shows the broad picture of social life, records the joys and sorrows of all living beings, describes the development and changes of the national psychology, spirit and character, and moves forward with the joys and sorrows of the nation.

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1. The pottery sculptures in the Neolithic painted pottery recorded the ancestors' desire for survival. Pottery pigs, cattle and dogs imitate the images of hunting or eating animals, show the fierce struggle with nature and express the evolution and development of civilization.

2., the Terracotta Army on both sides of the Changjiang River, the tough and tough general, who took the bow and held the bow, and watched the Knights waiting for orders, decided the sharp, fierce and fierce taxi soldiers, and the special phalanx square, which marked their strength and courage, which reminded people of the war horse Kingdom and the military forces of the Qin army in the north and south.

3. The style of the "three colors of the Tang Dynasty" is inspiring, magnificent, magnificent and magnificent. It is a vivid reproduction of the voice of the prosperous Tang Dynasty, full of national prestige, brilliance and enthusiasm.

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