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What are the conveniences of ceramic tableware?

March 25, 2022

Tableware is in direct contact with food. Many people will resist tableware containing chemicals and prefer tableware made of safer and more environmentally friendly materials. What are the conveniences of ceramic tableware as the most commonly used tableware in China?

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1. For ceramic tableware containing food, pay attention to the decoration in contact with food.

2. Pay attention to whether the color of the pattern is bright. If it is not bright, the temperature may not meet the requirements when baking flowers. The solubility of lead and cadmium in this kind of ceramic tableware products is often high.

3. Uneasy ceramic tableware can be soaked in vinegar for several hours. If it changes color, it will be discarded.

4. When purchasing microwave oven products, avoid products with metal decoration, such as gold edge, silver edge or products with gold paper and metal wire inlaid patterns.

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