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Types and uses of spoons

March 24, 2022

Spoon is a common tableware for soup and rice. Different kinds are selected according to different materials, and different materials have different uses. Tonic soup is a common thing at home. A good soup cannot be separated from a spoon. So how much do we know about the types of spoons? What's the usage?

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1. Porcelain spoon

China is a country of porcelain. The spoons made of porcelain are exquisite and full of cultural connotation. Chinese people like to use ceramic tableware. Ceramic spoons are elegant and beautiful, which can improve the quality and temperament of meals. Ceramic spoons are not only used at home, but also necessary tableware for Chinese food in restaurants and restaurants.

2. Wooden spoon

The spoon made of natural wood is the most primitive and primitive spoon. It has a history of using wooden spoon since people cooked food. The natural color and texture of wood have original aesthetic feeling, environmental protection and safety, and are basically harmless to human health.

3. Stainless steel spoon

Stainless steel has been widely used in tableware since its invention. Its advantages are smooth, fashionable, corrosion-resistant and durable. Stainless steel spoon is suitable for soup making. It is more resistant to high temperature than wooden spoon and will not deform and crack.

4. Silicone spoon

Silica gel is a safe and durable material. Silicone spoon is mainly a tableware designed for infants and young children.

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