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Bone china is known as "the king of porcelain"

March 24, 2022

Bone china is exquisite and transparent, with beautiful and elegant shape. Its color surface is like jade and flower. Since its development, bone porcelain has been accepted and used by more and more people. They are no longer just eating utensils and soup containers, but also as a kind of fashion and artistic enjoyment. As the embodiment of catering civilization, they have gradually penetrated into our daily life.


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1. From the perspective of health: the differences in materials and processes between Bone China and ceramics determine their grade gap. Animal bone charcoal is the main choice for making bone porcelain, and its content is more than 40%.

2. Process level: the decorative surface of Bone China is integrated with the glaze, without lead and cadmium harmful to human body.

3. Thermal insulation effect: compared with traditional porcelain, bone porcelain has better thermal insulation and better taste when drinking coffee or tea;

4. Durability: Bone China is more durable than ordinary ceramics: due to the different composition between Bone China and ordinary ceramics, it can be thinner, tougher, more wear-resistant and less easy to wear and crack.

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