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What harm does inferior ceramic tableware have?

March 24, 2022

Ceramic tableware has good thermal stability, easy cleaning and durability, but ceramic tableware also has many hazards. Pay more attention to purchase and use. If parents accidentally buy inferior ceramic tableware, what harm may it bring?

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1. damage to the liver

Ceramic tableware contains cadmium. If cadmium exceeds the standard, it will stimulate the human respiratory tract. Long term inhalation will accumulate in the liver or kidney and cause damage to the liver.

2. affect brain development

Ceramic tableware contains lead. If the lead exceeds the standard, it will cause stomach pain, headache and other symptoms, and seriously affect the brain and nervous system. For children, lead is very destructive and can lead to intellectual development and abnormal behavior.

3. Chronic poisoning

Ceramic tableware contains mercury, which will destroy people's central nervous system and cause brain and liver damage. These are manifestations of chronic poisoning and should be prevented as soon as possible.

4. Induced infertility

Ceramic tableware also contains rolling, but generally it will not exceed the standard. If it exceeds the standard, it will have an adverse impact on human health, induce infertility, and even cause abortion of pregnant women.

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