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Which is safer ceramic tableware or stainless steel tableware?

March 24, 2022

Our health is closely related to tableware because it comes into direct contact with food. Some people may say that washing dishes and so on is enough. Ceramic tableware and stainless steel tableware are one of the tableware we often contact in our daily life. Then the connotation of tableware is also very important. Wrong choice will have a negative impact on our health. They are the two most common ingredients, but which is safe to make tableware?

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1. Many consumers like stainless steel tableware because its metal function is excellent, it is more corrosive than other metals, and the produced utensils are beautiful and durable. However, stainless steel is a mixture of iron chromium alloy and other trace elements. If used improperly, trace metal elements will gradually accumulate in the human body, reaching a certain limit will endanger human health.

2. The main raw materials of ceramic tableware are silicate minerals from nature (such as clay, feldspar, Yingshi, etc.), The raw material of ceramic tableware is silicate minerals without harmful substances. You can use ceramic tableware at ease.

3. Ceramic tableware is easier to clean than stainless steel tableware, so ceramics may be cleaner and healthier. Ceramics should also be healthy tableware for our healthy life.

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