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Is the color meal guaranteed?

March 23, 2022

We usually eat with tableware. The bowl is a very important part. There are many kinds of bowls. Different bowls have different materials, sizes and shapes. Many people like beautiful colored bowls. When you get there, someone will worry that such a bowl is poisonous. Is that colored tableware poisonous? Is there any guarantee?

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1. Color glaze: there are many kinds of color glaze, and the manufacturing methods are also different. If possible, try to choose underglaze color or underglaze color, bright colored glaze, especially big red and green stars.

2. Overglaze colored porcelain: the pigment of overglaze colored porcelain needs to be fired at a lower temperature (generally 750 ~ 830 ℃), so it needs the common solvent of red lead melted at low temperature. Of course, there are environmental, green and healthy practices. At present, there is still no large-scale promotion due to various reasons such as cost, weak supervision of regulatory authorities and so on.

3. High refractive index "gloss" glaze high refractive index "gloss" glaze is a potential threat that ordinary consumers simply ignore. In the speculation of ceramic glaze, there is only one way to improve the gloss of glaze, especially the refractive index, that is to participate in high molecular weight substances.

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