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Ceramic tableware will gradually become the demand of etiquette

March 23, 2022

China is a country of etiquette, and the concept of human relations is generally strong. The custom and ritual choice of goods have always occupied a special position in consumer psychology. In modern society, people increasingly need to maintain good interpersonal relations in work and life, pay attention to social intercourse and etiquette, so as to obtain information, efficiency, friendship and interests. In the process of purchasing ceramic tableware, for the consumption purpose of customs, etiquette and human factors, it is necessary to form the etiquette demand of ceramic tableware.

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1. In the past, daily-use ceramic products were often only used as household necessities. When communication has become the requirement of the times and communicating with others through various ways and channels has become one of the important contents of life, daily-use ceramic products have also entered the ranks of gifts and become wedding gifts, holiday gifts and birthday gifts.

2. The social and ceremonial needs of ceramic tableware are to express an emotion, enhance the friendship between the two sides, or to commemorate something. Or out of some custom, or for some benefit, etc. Therefore, the demand and design of ceramic tableware are also specific: for the purpose of expressing emotion and friendship, the practical value and quality appearance of ceramic tableware are equally important, while the appearance and symbolic significance of ceramic tableware are more important for commemorating something or for a custom.

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