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History and Prospect of ceramic crafts

March 23, 2022

Ceramic handicrafts refer to pottery and porcelain. Its development history can be traced back to 8000 BC to 2000. In BC, it used clay as its raw material. In contemporary times, we also use clay, but we classify and summarize it and combine it into the mixed clay most suitable for making ceramics.

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1. Ceramic crafts are an important part of Chinese traditional culture, with a long history, broad and profound. Blue and white porcelain, pastel porcelain and many other famous ceramic handicrafts have long been well known and well-known overseas.

2. Highly developed commodities are the material basis for the development of ceramic art Each Jingdezhen ceramic handicraft has different characteristics. Because art is rooted in the folk and has frank, simple and rich aesthetic taste, which is in line with the aesthetic tendency of the public.

3. At present, people live in an era of highly developed material civilization, which urgently needs spiritual edification, temperament cultivation and good aesthetic taste. Many fine ceramic crafts have been tempered for thousands of years. Now more people see its collection and aesthetic value, largely as gifts and some decorations.

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