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How to choose healthy, beautiful and practical ceramic tableware?

March 23, 2022

Ceramic tableware is a kind of tableware often used by ordinary people. We pay attention to how to ensure health in diet every day, but few people pay attention to tableware. Ceramic tableware has become the first choice for most families to buy Tableware because of its diverse shapes, delicate and smooth, bright colors and easy cleaning. Tableware is an indispensable tool for eating. It is closely related to our health. How to choose healthy, beautiful and practical ceramic tableware?

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1. In terms of porcelain quality. When choosing ceramic tableware, Bone China and reinforced China are preferred, both of which are made of superior tableware. Bone china is a kind of high-grade porcelain recognized in the world. It is natural milky white with high transparency and light and delicate texture. The shaping and color formation of bone ash porcelain itself depends on silica, alumina and calcium oxide. The higher the content of calcium oxide, the better the color. In nature, there are few sources of calcium oxide, so animal bone powder is selected as the source of calcium oxide.

2. According to the characteristics of flower surface, it can be divided into overglaze color, medium color, underglaze color porcelain and some colorless white porcelain. Underglaze color is mainly traditional blue and white and exquisite blue and white, with monotonous color and moderate price. The in glaze color is richer than the under glaze color and the product grade is higher, but the process requirements are strict, the cost is high and the price is high. Overglaze color ceramics have rich colors, strong three-dimensional sense, low surface finish and convenient processing, so the cost is correspondingly low.

3. It depends on whether the shape is geometric, damaged, spotted, blistered and smooth. The glaze of tableware is not easy to overflow and crack, and the surface of tableware made of lead is not easy to crack.

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