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Bone china can enhance the aroma and make the coffee taste more rich and mellow

March 22, 2022

Some people say that compared with mugs, bone china cups have better heat preservation effect, which can slow down the temperature of coffee in the cup, retain the aroma of coffee and make the taste of coffee more mellow and rich. In fact, apart from being beautiful and light, bone china cups have nothing to do with taste.

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1. Many people like to drink tea. If they want to improve the aroma of tea, they will buy purple clay pot. Due to its special double pore structure, purple clay pot can absorb tea soup, change the matrix and emit the faint aroma of brewed tea. Therefore, people who love tea say that raising a pot can make tea taste more fragrant, which is also reasonable. The pot or cup made of glass, porcelain, stainless steel and other materials should be difficult to absorb the aroma of tea or coffee because the surface texture is dense and airtight. Making coffee with bone china cup is beautiful and exquisite at best, and the heat preservation effect may be better.

2. If you want to buy a better coffee cup, you can choose a cup with a thicker wall, or if the cup wall goes up, you should close it more and more. It's a bit like tulip closing. You can keep warm only if the cup wall goes in. In addition, different shapes of coffee cups will affect the taste of coffee. Higher cups make coffee taste sweeter, while coffee in a "thin" cup is more bitter than coffee in a "fat" cup. The reason may be that people think tall or "fat" cups are more likely to spread the bitterness.

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