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Factors affecting the glaze quality of daily ceramic tableware

March 22, 2022

With the continuous innovation and optimization of ceramic firing technology in China, ceramic tableware products were prone to problems such as spots and poor regularity in the past. Significant results have been obtained at different screening temperatures. In the production of ceramic tableware, the problem of uneven glaze quality still needs to be solved, which has also become a major obstacle to further improve the quality of ceramic tableware in China.

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1. The performance of glaze is affected by reduction: because the embryo is the carrier of glaze and the glaze is attached to the embryo, the relationship between them is very close, and the performance of embryo will affect the performance of glaze to a great extent. When the two interact, some components of the glaze will dissolve and diffuse, and the ripple on the surface of the green body will affect the smoothness of the glaze.

2. Due to the influence and limitation of green body and process, the melting of ceramic tableware glaze can not be fully carried out, and the reflection between green and glaze leads to the volatilization of some components in the glaze. Therefore, the glaze under high temperature cannot have the same uniform structure as glass, and it is often the mixture of glass and crystal with uneven distribution in the inner and outer layers, which further affects the gloss of the glaze.

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