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Friction theory of ceramic cup

March 22, 2022

As a ceramic cup manufacturer, the product quality is required to be better and better, so that the industry can have a certain degree of credibility and increase its own benefits faster. There is certain friction in the production process of products, which is what we call friction theory.

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1. Adhesion theory: under certain pressure, when the ceramic cup is dry rubbed, it will produce instantaneous high temperature, sometimes even more than 1000 ℃, which will cause a certain degree of plastic deformation of the ceramic cup and adhesion between two objects. It is the jumping process of friction and sliding alternately, which will cause resistance to the movement, that is, it is equal to the sum of resistance when each adhesion is cut off.

2. Mechanical theory: the ceramic cup customization industry believes that under the action of huge pressure, the friction ceramic cup is in an elastic-plastic mixed state when contacting, and the surfaces are sheared at the meshing points, thus forming the resistance of relative movement. The friction is the resistance when each meshing point is sheared.

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