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Why do some ceramic tableware turn yellow after a long time?

March 21, 2022

The porcelain is yellow, usually because the bowl is not cleaned, and there are oil stains or detergent residues on the bowl; Or the quality problem of the bowl itself, loose materials, oil or detergent residues are easy to enter the inner pores of the bowl, and the temperature reaches 125 ° C through the disinfection cabinet. So, what other reasons make ceramic tableware turn yellow after long-term use?

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1. The quality of tap water varies from place to place.

As we all know, when the kettle containing tap water is used for a long time, there will be a thick layer of scale: it will be clear when the purified water is installed at home. Every once in a while, when changing the flow core, you will see a layer of powdered yellow sand like impurities on the surface of the removed PP cotton, which will make people feel sick. Ceramics have certain water absorption. Ceramic tableware will absorb various oil stains during use and a certain amount of water during washing. When placed in the high-temperature disinfection environment of the disinfection cabinet,

2. Detergent or oil residue

Some bowls that have not been put into the disinfection cabinet will have a layer of yellow at the bottom of the bowl after a long time. In fact, this is the detergent residue we use when washing dishes. After the bowl is washed, the detergent is not cleaned. It has been on the bowl for a long time, and it will turn yellow after a long time. The main ingredients of detergent are alkyl mannan sodium, sodium silicate sulfate, foaming agent, solubilizer, tongue essence, water, pigment, anti mite agent, etc. It's all chemical. When the food is not clean enough and there are cleaning residues, these chemical components will react under the action of high temperature in the disinfection cabinet and show traces.

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