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Ceramic industry takes the route of green energy conservation

March 21, 2022

China's ceramic industry has become an important raw material and product industry with complete categories, large scale, complete system, strong product supporting capacity and obvious international competitiveness, and occupies an important position in the international market. With the wide promotion of energy-saving buildings, the society has put forward new requirements for ceramic factories, and the market has higher and higher requirements for energy conservation, consumption reduction and environmental protection indicators of ceramic products.

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1. At present, new energy-saving ceramic products are gradually increasing in the market, such as green environmental protection coatings, energy-saving and water-saving sanitary products, environmental protection stones, environmental protection exterior wall bricks, etc. Energy saving products have broad market prospects in the ceramic industry. The sales volume of our products is also rising and gradually gaining the favor of consumers.

2. New green energy-saving ceramics have won the recognition of consumers in the market, but there is great resistance for ceramic producing areas. First, production costs and market constraints. The traditional ceramic production route has been adopted, and its production cost is low. It is positioned in the medium and low-grade market. The conversion to green and energy-saving ceramic production will greatly increase the production cost of enterprises. At the same time, it is necessary to build a new market network layout and positioning

3. New energy-saving ceramic products cater to the market development trend, and energy-saving and environmental protection products will become the future development trend of the ceramic industry.

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