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What are the color categories of ceramic tea sets?

March 21, 2022

In the daily process of drinking tea, we must be inseparable from tableware, because without tea set, even if there is tea, it is useless. We know that tea is made of metal, glass, plastic, ceramics and so on. The color of ceramic porcelain is closely related to the mineral composition contained in the embryo or glaze.

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1. The main color material in celadon glaze is iron oxide, with a content of about 2%. However, due to different content, the color of celadon produced will still be different. However, if more iron oxide in the glaze is reduced to ferrous oxide, the color will turn yellow first. Because the content of iron oxide in black porcelain reaches more than 5%, the iron content is high, the kiln insulation time is long, iron oxide crystals will be precipitated in the glaze, and the finished product presents special patterns.

2. White porcelain is due to the long-term practice, accumulation of experience and continuous attempts of the potters, who gradually master a certain law, use their advantages to reduce the content of iron oxide in the glaze, and burn it with oxide flame, resulting in yellowing or bluish white.

3. The color of tea set has a good foil effect on the color of tea soup, so we should strive to achieve seamless effect in collocation. The inner wall of drinking set should be white, so as to truly reflect the color and brightness of tea soup.

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