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What are the benefits of ceramic cups to human body?

March 21, 2022

In daily life, the cup is a common daily necessities. We drink water from the cup every day to supplement the water our body needs. There are many exquisite cups for drinking water. Improper use of cups will affect our health. So, what are the benefits of drinking water with a ceramic cup to the human body?

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1. Compared with plastic cups, ceramic cups bring less harmful gases and substances. According to experts, long-term use of plastic cups may cause cancer.

2. Ceramic cups are completely harmless. Unlike metal cups, they may ingest harmful metals after long-term use.

3. Due to the existence of ceramic cup, molten iron does not directly contact with carbon brick, which alleviates the penetration, erosion, scouring and other damage of molten iron and alkaline substances to carbon brick from the structural design. Moreover, mullite and brown corundum are high-grade ceramic materials with low thermal conductivity and high corrosion resistance and erosion resistance. Eliminate the embrittlement layer of large carbon brick.

4. Increase the temperature of molten iron and reduce heat loss: the ceramic cup is made of materials with thermal conductivity lower than carbon brick, which plays the role of interlayer, so as to reduce the loss of heat through the furnace bottom and furnace. Therefore, the molten iron can maintain a high temperature, creating good energy-saving conditions for the next converter production.

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