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How to eliminate slag inclusion in ceramic tableware production?

March 20, 2022

Drop slag, also known as dirty fall, refers to the product surface with box sand, dust and other slag particles. The mass production of daily ceramics meets the needs of People's Daily life. However, the production of ceramic slag not only affects the beauty of daily use tableware, but also brings great harm to people's health. But how to eliminate it?

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Measures to prevent slag in the production of ceramic tableware:

1. Before burning the soil box, be sure to sort out, stack, branch and tie up one by one to prevent confusion.

2. Check the quality of the saggers, repair the saggers that need to be repaired, clean up the scum dust of the saggers, and evenly paint the bottom.

3. The personnel should be careful and strict in operation. Blow off the blank dust before entering the box. When packing blanks, the method should be light, and the stacking boxes should be stable, flat and even to prevent gravity movement from skewing and bumping.

4. When loading the kiln, dust in the box should be cleaned, the sagger should be taken and placed lightly, and no friction should be aligned.

5. The track should be flat and clean, and the cart should be slow to prevent the sagger vibration from colliding with each other.

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