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Why do ceramic cups smell?

March 20, 2022

The smell of the ceramic cup suggests bad quality. If the ceramic cup is made of inferior colored glaze, it will give off a bad smell after pouring hot water. As we all know, all ceramic products need to be fired at high temperature, but the kiln temperature can vary during firing. According to the different temperature, ceramic cup can be divided into low temperature ceramic cup, medium temperature ceramic cup and high temperature ceramic cup.

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1. Comparatively speaking, high temperature ceramic cup water absorption is poor, easy to clean, not easy to produce peculiar smell, no cracks on the surface, no water leakage. But low temperature ceramic cup water absorption is good, easy to give out bad smell.

2. In addition, the medium-low temperature ceramic cup is not easy to clean, and sewage is easy to enter the cup. For a long time, there will be cracks and leaks. If the cup has an odor, it belongs to a medium-low temperature ceramic cup.

3. After the ceramic cup is fired, workers will draw beautiful patterns on the surface of the ceramic cup with colored glaze to enhance its aesthetics. But some factories are using inferior glass, contact with hot water will give out peculiar smell, put in high temperature will give out peculiar smell.

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