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Only by innovative design can the ceramic industry go international

March 20, 2022

China's daily-use ceramic industry is gradually expanding to overseas. Our products are mainly processed and manufactured, and their quality has been criticized by foreign markets for many times. Under the frequent anti-dumping, the export of Chinese ceramic products has a difficult future, coupled with multiple constraints such as low carbon. Only innovative design and increasing the added value of products are the foundation of self-improvement.

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1. Improving the added value and grade of China's daily-use ceramic products is the result of market competition and the inevitable result of the development of ceramic industry to a certain stage. Technological progress drives industrial upgrading, market competition, forces product upgrading and the progress of the times, leading to the gradual upscale demand. Adjusting product structure and improving product grade and added value have become the only way for ceramic factories to deal with future market competition, build core competitiveness, build international well-known brands and become a powerful ceramic country in the world.

2. The contribution of the added value of the product to the brand is far greater than the main value such as product quality. Then, on the development path of ceramic enterprises, if we can pay attention to the shaping of brand image, make the brand image have its own distinctive characteristics, unity and stability, contain profound brand culture, and reflect the pursuit and spiritual realm of enterprises, such enterprises will have a long road of sustainable development.

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