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March 19, 2022

Ceramics are the most frequently used porcelain products in people's daily life. Ceramics have played an important role in our life since ancient times. Ceramic design presents different cultural connotation and pursuit in each development stage. From initially meeting the needs of life to later pursuing product personality and emotion.

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Ceramic design is a practical art. Ceramic design focuses on the needs of consumers. The improvement of living standards will inevitably stimulate the aesthetic needs of consumers. Consumers have dual needs for ceramic design: spiritual needs and material needs. Only when designers understand consumers' aesthetic needs can they design products that meet consumers' aesthetic psychology. Any characteristic or meaning of a product should be reflected through the product itself. In order to make ceramic design recognized by consumers, we must first start with product elements and analyze their various form elements. Through the change of design form elements such as modeling, color, decoration and materials., Ceramics are more in line with consumers' aesthetic psychology.

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