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Is the new bone china tableware safe?

March 18, 2022

In recent years, new bone china tableware is very popular. Different from Bone China, bone powder is not added to the raw materials, but it has beautiful appearance, ivory white color and bright light. It is similar to bone china in appearance, but it is harder than bone china, more resistant to falling, more able to withstand the test of high temperature, and much cheaper than bone china tableware, so it has won a lot of favor. Is the new bone china tableware safe?

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1. Fabrication materials

This is an essential white porcelain. Its raw materials contain 20% of the corresponding time, 30% of feldspar and 50% of kaolin. It is made by firing different proportions of raw materials in porcelain billets. New bone china is always called new bone china because its appearance quality is similar to that of Bone China. However, new bone china is not a new variety of Bone China. There are great differences in raw materials and firing between them. Compared with Bone China, new bone china has better internal quality, softer whiteness, higher transparency, firmer, more fall resistance, more temperature resistance and lighter porcelain. From the perspective of monomer raw materials, the new bone porcelain has no chemical addition. The seasoning, feldspar and kaolin used are natural clay and minerals, which will not produce substances harmful to human body.

2. Firing

Whether glaze and painting materials are safe mainly depends on the firing temperature. After redox atmosphere, generally harmful substances have disappeared or transformed into new bone porcelain fired at high temperature, so porcelain fired at high temperature can almost be considered safe. If there is paint decoration, underglaze color will be safer than overglaze color. New bone china is a safe and environment-friendly product, which can be baked in one time from 800 ℃ to 1280 ℃.

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